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 Life is full of challenges.

You don't have to face them alone.



We all have painful and confusing aspects of our lives.  We try to make sense of our experiences, but may not be able to do so on our own. I can help you understand and accept your life with greater compassion and emotional freedom. We will work together to recognize patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that get in the way of your fulfilling your potential for self acceptance, happiness and love.  Please contact me for more information or to make an appointment.

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst in San Francisco with over 25 years of experience.  I trained at CPMC, UCSF and Mount Zion. I have completed advanced training in modern psychoanalysis at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis (SFCP).  Additionally, I am on the faculty at SFCP and teach courses for graduate students and clinicians in the Bay Area. 


My areas of special interest include helping adults and teens with anxiety, depression, grieving and loss, relationship issues, transitions, pregnancy related stresses, parenting, self-esteem, gender and sexuality (LGBTQ), abuse and traumatic histories.  

I bring compassion, warmth and a sense of humor to all of my work.



If you are curious about your life and want to resolve troubling aspects of your relationships with others and feelings about yourself, I can help. Like many people, you may have long-standing issues and current life struggles that cause you to feel sad or anxious and make it difficult to enjoy your life and your loved ones to the fullest.  In order to resolve those difficulties you may need the help of a caring and thoughtful professional. Together we will sort through and understand how you've gotten to be the person you are now and how to help you heal from challenging experiences from the past to gain perspective and greater happiness in your life and relationships going forward.
Psychoanalysis is a deep and intensive treatment that has the potential to affect great change in people.  By regularly meeting several times each week we will explore your emotional experience, past and present, helping you to increase self awareness and attain long lasting personal growth. This higher frequency of sessions fosters a deepening of the therapeutic relationship and allows for greater access to your inner world. By recognizing on-going patterns of behavior through exploration of your thoughts, feelings, experience and dreams you will gain confidence and the flexibility to transform the ways in which you limit yourself in life, love, friendships and work.




My office location is 766 3rd Avenue in San Francisco, with easy street parking, close proximity to public transportation and convenient to most of San Francisco and southern Marin County.

You can call or email me to leave a confidential message. I check messages several times a day and typically reply within 24 hours.  
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